The Aegis are ancient breastplates used by the Angels in battle, restoring and upgrading them allow you to impart your angel with special skills and stat buffs. There are 12 different kinds of Aegis, one for each constellation of the zodiac.

How to Use The Aegis?


The Aegis

Click on the Angel button at the bottom of the screen.

Click the Aegis button at the top of the menu.

Select which Aegis you would like to use.

How to upgrade your Aegis?Edit

Click the Smelt Aegis button in the Aegis menu.

Click Smelt Aegis to raise your Aegis EXP, or click “1-Click” to raise your Aegis to the next level, if you have enough Aegis shards.

How do I get Aegis Shards?Edit

You get Aegis Shards in the Zodiac, check out the Zodiac Article for more info.

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