In League of Angels, each player is accompanied by their own guardian Angel. You start off with Nocturna, but later you can collect other Angels. Each angel has its own attack Skill and area of Halo effect which provides strategic buffs to different members of your party.

How do I make my Angel stronger?
The most effective way to make your Angel stronger is to Bond with it. Bonding with your Angel increases its EXP. Each time your Angel gains a level, their stats increase, making them more effective in battle.
  1. Click the Angel button at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select the Angel you currently have deployed. Most likely Nocturna if you have just started the game.
  3. Click Bond to give your Angel more EXP with Angel Tears. Alternately, you can select "1-Click" then click Bond to use all available Angel Tears.
Why can’t I bond with my Angel Anymore?
There are usually 2 reasons why one can no longer bond with their Angel. The first is that your Angel has likely reached its level cap. The second or most common reason is that your Angel needs to be Upgraded. Upgrading your Angel improves their skill stats, making them even more effective in the heat of battle.
  1. Every 10 Levels, you will be asked to upgrade your Angel. Upgrading your Angel increases the quality of its Skill and Halo.


  2. To upgrade your Halo, make sure you have the correct amount and Level of Holy Crystal.
    • If You find yourself lacking the correct amount, you can get Holy Crystals by blitzing Dungeons and or purchasing them in the Arena Shop. Also lower level Holy Crystals can be synthesized into higher level ones.
  3. After you collect the correct amount of Holy Crystals, click Upgrade!

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