Team Dungeon is a feature that lets groups of 2 to 3 players tackle dungeons together.

The first dungeon opens for players at level 25. Subsequent dungeons open every 10 levels. Everyone can run 5 Team Dungeons per day. More attempts may be purchased with Diamonds.

Rewards for clearing Team Dungeons are based on speed; the highest reward is obtained by clearing it in less than 30 seconds. The second highest reward is obtained by clearing the dungeon in less than 60 seconds, so on and so forth.

The main rewards are Warsouls and Tomes used for leveling up character skills.

After a successful battle in Team Dungeon, the player must wait for a cool down before they battle again. If the player is defeated, they must wait for the respawn cool down.

Finally, Team Dungeon rewards are delivered via in-game mail.

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