The object of Tidal Pool is to catch as many fish as possible to gain Soulstones, gems, and gold. 


Schools of fish spawn at given intervals; the timer is displayed at the top. In addition to waiting for the next school to arrive, the player may also use a Big Bait to spawn (high level) fish at the cost of Diamonds.

The plus and minus buttons next to the cannon allow the player to adjust the size of the net that is shot. To the right of that is the amount of ammo remaining. Munitions may only be replenished by gold.

The player controls the direction at which the cannon fires. The net automatically opens when there are fish nearby. Timing and other tactics may be used to dramatically increase the chances of catching fish. Increasing the size of the net will also do the same. The player may also choose to deploy the Laser at the cost of Diamonds; it will immediately obliterate all the fish in the pool on use.

The pool gains experience for each fish the player captures. When the pool levels up, better fish will start spawning. There is a fish guide in the lower right that can be referenced to determine the exact rewards for capturing any specific type of fish. 


Soulstones gained from Tidal Pool may be used for training the player’s heroes and mount.


Hero and Mount Training drastically improves Battle Rating. Also,  Soulstones spent on heroes are never wasted because training may be inherited by a newly recruited hero.





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